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  2. Black Crawlers
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  3. Bubblegum Hoop Earrings
  4. Champagne Crawlers
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  7. Girl Boss - Complements Collection
  8. Minimalist Hexagon Studs
  9. Minimalist Horseshoe
  10. Minimalist Spiral
  11. Modern Hoop White
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  13. Smoky Quartz Hoop
  14. SQUIGGLES Black Hoops
  15. SQUIGGLES Yellow Hoops

The feeling is mutual

Customer Feedback

  • "Favorite earrings - These are my go to earrings. Every time I wear them someone comments on how pretty they are."

    Karen M.

  • "Ordered 8 lovely holiday gift boxes to give to my staff for Christmas this year... they were a hit! Beautifully put together (even on rather short notice!)!"

    Abby K.

  • "awesome - Bought for my ex’s 29th birthday and he absolutely loved it! He was roaring with laughter. He has a weird sense of humour but he LOVED IT! THANK YOUUUUU"