Growing up in a small town, I always envisioned having my own shop on Main Street. Between moving to Los Angeles, starting a career in the entertainment business and becoming a mother, that itch never left. Finally, after years of hard work helping executives gain success and freedom every day, I realized it was time to do the same for myself—and I wasn’t alone.

Having worked in male-dominated industries for the last 20 years, I gravitated toward women makers and women-owned brands.  The more I connected with women creating their own paths, the more determined I was to create a space for us all to get ahead.  As someone who used to yell at the screen during Survivor—because if the women just teamed up, they’d win!—I knew I had to do something. With a little gumption and a lot of heart, Favor & Fern was born.

It’s not a storefront on Main Street (have you seen LA real estate?), but our women-driven online gift shop makes a big impact. With every purchase, you’re telling an independent maker that her work is valued, whether she’s starting a beauty brand with her daughter or running her own jewelry studio. This is mindful shopping at its best: with beautiful products, quality materials, and sisterhood behind it.