I founded Favor & Fern in 2017 with the hope of saying goodbye to a “boss” forever. I had been in work situations that made me feel uncomfortable, that fell through & left me stranded, compromised my happiness for money, and gave away the best parts of me to help others achieve success.

What would happen if I put all that energy into something I loved? There was only one way to find out. I put aside my fears and told myself that it is ok to fail but it’s not ok to never give myself a chance.

This company is very much a small little hope still but it gives me happiness and helps me support other little dreamers out there. I’ve worked hard to curate a selection of items and gifts handmade by WOMEN everywhere. I’m proud that my products often come from someone’s home or makeshift office; that creative women, sisters, daughters, and mothers put their heart and soul into quality products that I get to share with the world.

So...that’s my story. I hope you enjoy Favor & Fern 💕

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