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Geometric Wall Hanging

  • $128.00
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This unique and stunning wall hanging will be the center of attention in any room!
  • Made of brass sheet & tubing.
  • Measurements: 4" x 20" roughly 
Note: Brass naturally patinas (or darkens) as time passes, but a natural wax is buffed on for longevity of sheen. Over time, if you prefer the bright finish, fine steel wool will do the trick.

Each piece is unique in itself in some way-- very, very slight variations do occur from piece to piece (especially when it comes to natural materials). Hand crafted work is special like that!

Also, please note: brass, copper and silver naturally tarnish over time,  but a natural wax is buffed on for longevity of sheen.  Either fine steel wool or lemon juice on cloth will shine it back up in no time if you prefer a bright look.
+++ This is a wall hanging for [indoor] decorative purposes, not a wind chime. 
*** Not recommended for outdoor use.